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  • 11 July

    How Blockchain Can Help Musicians Survive

    Making it as a musician has never been easy, but the rise of streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have arguably made matters worse. Even star celebrities like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have boycotted streaming sites.

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  • 10 July

    In Venezuela, Bitcoin Is a Lifeline

    Here in Venezuela, where we are in the midst of a political and economic crisis, cryptocurrency is not a game. It is a safeguard of value and protection against the hyperinflation of our own currency, the bolivar.

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  • 9 July

    A Simple Guide to Zcash

    Zcash, currently being developed by the Zcash Company, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that allows users to choose between sending public or private transactions. How? By using a very innovative technology called zero-knowledge proofs, or zk-SNARKS, to conceal transaction information.

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What Twitter Felt About
Bitcoin Over the Last 7 Days

* We used deep learning to do tweet-level sentiment analysis. The sentiment score measures the average attitude of Bitcoin-related tweets, ranging from positive or negative. The score is computed by averaging the score of new tweets that mention the word "Bitcoin" every hour. A score of +1 is the most positive, while a score of -1 is the most negative.

How Strongly Twitter Felt About
Bitcoin Over the Past 7 Days

* Sentiment magnitude measures the average intensity of feeling in Bitcoin related-tweets, ranging from indifferent to passionate.

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