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  • 17 June

    London's Street Musicians Join the Cashless Revolution

    London has been trying out contactless credit and debit card payments for buskers for the past year and is in the process of rolling it out to all the musicians who want it — something that the organizers claim is a world first. But while this program will make payments easier for buskers, it won’t necessarily increase financial inclusivity.

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  • 14 June

    Is a Token Going to Last? Look at Its Coders

    Today’s cryptocurrency world is defined by volatility. Last year, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed by almost 2000%. Smaller, less mature coins saw their valuations rise and fall even faster, sometimes just a few days after being listed on an exchange. In this environment, how do you evaluate a token’s long-term value?

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  • 12 June

    Is Dubai Ready to Be a Blockchain City?

    Over the past few decades, Dubai has defined itself by a drive to reinvent itself. It has tried to attract the brightest talent and position itself as a gateway to the wider Middle East: a tumultuous region scarred by political upheaval, authoritarianism, and war. So it’s unsurprising that Dubai now intends to become the world’s first blockchain-powered government by 2020.

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