What Is LongHash?
Understanding Crypto Through Data
— With a Focus on Asia

The world of blockchain can be confusing. With all the data that's out there, how do you know what’s important? LongHash’s data journalism platform uses narrative storytelling to help you make sense of the numbers. Our analysis is independent and global, with a special emphasis on Asian markets. We publish our original data and visualizations in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Asia is the heart of the cryptocurrency world, but an information gap can make it challenging for Western companies to navigate. LongHash is a gateway to Asia. We help Western blockchain projects reach Asian markets, and we help Asian companies go global. We have offices and expertise in critical markets like China, Japan, and Singapore. We offer Asia-based services such as developer outreach, community building, education and marketing, data analysis and product development.

Our team of data analysts, storytellers and translators will build interest and excitement about your product in vibrant Asian crypto markets, and help you make informed decisions based on data and analysis that you won't find anywhere else.

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