By Jack Filiba
Updated on March 07, 2019, 18:32 PM

Domains Associated with Top Cryptocurrencies Were Visited Over 6 Million Times in January

When researching a cryptocurrency, prospective investors are likely to visit the the website most commonly associated with it. For this reason, LongHash compared the number of users visiting sites related to leading cryptocurrencies.

domains.png had the most traffic, with 2.14 million monthly visits

In order to compare web traffic among the industry’s juggernauts, we looked at the current top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap and their commonly associated domains. However, since Binance Coin (ranked 8th) is associated with, many of the site’s visitors may have been interested in cryptocurrency exchange rather than the coin itself. Though the site’s monthly traffic is in the tens of millions, it had to be excluded.

As a result, the nine cryptocurrencies and associated English-language domains that we considered were Bitcoin (, Ethereum (, XRP (, EOS (, Litecoin (, Bitcoin Cash (, Tether (, Stellar (, and Tron (

Of these, had the most web traffic for the month of January in 2019, according to SimilarWeb. This is the site most associated with Bitcoin, the digital asset known for being the first cryptocurrency and the one with the largest market cap. The site had around 2.14 million users during the month, with 56.56% of its traffic originating from organic searches.

By the site’s own admission, however, is not Bitcoin’s “official website.” In fact, many cryptocurrencies do not have official websites or figureheads due to the decentralized nature of their underlying technology.

With around 40% less traffic, the website that placed second was This is the site where one of the cryptocurrency’s founders, Vitalik Buterin, famously announced the launch of the Ether sale back in 2014.’s total number of visits in January 2019 was around 1.28 million. The average user spent just shy of two minutes on the site, with the majority of its traffic (43.19%) originating from organic search. Notably, had the second-highest bounce rate of any of the domains we considered, behind only (73.26%). 69.2% of’s visitors left the site after viewing only a single page.

Where web traffic and market cap differed

Despite Tron placing tenth by market cap, the English-language domain that it is often associated with,, had the fourth highest number of monthly visits. was visited over 702,000 times in January, with 40.85% of its traffic coming from organic searches. Its bounce rate was 57.67%, with the average visitor spending just over two and a half minutes on the site.

The site that ranked above was, the domain heavily associated with XRP. This matches the asset’s ranking in terms of market cap, as XRP is ranked third by that metric as well. It had around 963,700 total visits during the month, with a bounce rate of 63.25%. This is higher than’s bounce rate. Further, the average visitor spent 14 seconds less on the site than the average visitor (2:16 minutes).

There was no difference between EOS’ ranking by market cap and its ranking by monthly traffic. Placing fourth by both metrics, had around 444,490 monthly visits, 35.94% of which arrived as the result of organic searches.

Stellar, ranked 9th by market cap, had more total visits in January than (142,680), (173,230), and (138,330) – despite the cryptocurrencies associated with these domains currently ranking 5th, 6th, and 7th by market cap.