December 2018 Holds the Record for the Most DApps Created in a Single Month

By Jack Filiba

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Decentralized applications (DApps) may be one of many exciting avenues for blockchain innovation, but how many are actually entering the market?

According to State of the DApps, the record for the most new decentralized applications created in a single month was claimed at the end of last year.

There were 178 new DApps created in December

On the site’s rankings page, State of the DApps lists 178 new decentralized applications that were created in December 2018. That means December now holds the current record for the most DApps created at any point in history.

With approximately 139 new DApps created in November 2018, the record broken in December marked a growth in DApp creation of around 28% between the two months.

Previously, the record for the most DApps created set in September 2018. There were 155 new DApps created at the time, and a total of 1953 DApps in existence, according to the site’s findings. Since then, that toal has risen to 2539.

As LongHash previously found, however, not all decentralized applications are active. By the site’s own reporting, approximately 20% of all listed DApps were classified as “abandoned” at the beginning of the year. Currently, it lists around 1,320 “live” applications.

The beginning of 2019 marked a return to Earth

The high that DApp creation experienced at the end of 2018 sobered at the beginning of this year. Currently, State of the DApps’ rankings say that 119 new decentralized applications were created in January 2019. If this is accurate, it marks a drop of around 33% from the recently broken record.

Further, January 2019 hosted the smallest amount of new DApps since July of last year, when 111 were created.

Decentralized applications are still in their infancy compared to their non-decentralized peers. In spite of this, total DApp revenue in 2018 surpassed the performance of the App Store back in 2009. While these dates are not directly comparable, 2009 was a time before apps had matured, much in the same way that DApps are still maturing in 2019.

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