There Were More Blockchain Conferences Than Days in 2018

By Andy Hao


It is often said that conferences are blockchain’s most visible real-world application. All over the world, industry types get together to share their thoughts, network, or promote their products. The conference craze shows no sign of stopping, even in a bear market. Despite the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plunging in 2018, there were as many as 411 conferences related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, according to findings from Bitcoin Market Journal.

In other words, there were more cryptocurrency-related conferences than there were days in the year. Several of the listed events were projected to have 5,000 attendees or more. Some of the conferences that anticipated this level of attendance include MoneyConf, Blockchain World Conference, Dubai International Blockchain Summit, Malta Blockchain Summit, and the Blockchain & FutureTech Expo. Many other blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences, on the other hand, hosted far fewer guests. Our previous data analysis found that in the world of meetups, at least, lower Bitcoin prices correlated with fewer attendees.

While some argue that blockchain events are overpriced or feel that they are simply a waste of time, these conferences can play a valuable role in bringing the industry community together. That’s not a small thing. Given that major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have no central organization, their future will be entirely decided by the communities that coalesce around them.

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